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For jewelry to last, owners should regularly clean and care for their items, while removing them when performing work of any kind.

“Jewelry is an investment, so it needs to be taken care of. You wouldn’t drive your car for 20 years and you’d never take it for maintenance. Jewelry needs maintenance, just like anything you send money for. silver,” Meigs Jewelry said. Sales Specialist Chris Berry.

Berry said jewelry should be cleaned regularly, but by what and how depends on the person and the amount of substance that comes in contact with the items.

For example, those who use lotion on their hands daily should clean their rings more regularly than someone who doesn’t.

For jewelry made of gold or any other type of fine metal, if dirt or dust is not cleaned regularly, the elements can not only wear on the metal, but also encrust and scratch it.

Stones can also be loosened by dirt if left for a long time, which can then cost the homeowner more to repair.

“Sometimes things are so dirty and dirty that the dirt can actually hold the diamonds, and by the time you get the dirt off the ring, sometimes those diamonds can be loose then,” Berry said.

A jewelry cleaner can be used, but nothing should remain in the substance overnight or metal corrosion may occur.

Scrubbing most items with a mild soap and then sponging them dry is also a safe option, but should be done with caution. Depending on the brand, some jewelry may have only a thin layer of plating on top, which can be worn away by rubbing or rubbing the metal too hard.

“You don’t want to wear it swimming. You don’t want to wear it in the shower. You want to take it off every day. You can’t put a plated piece on and leave it indefinitely,” Baie said.

When using a cleaner, individuals should always read the label to confirm that it will not tarnish or corrode metal or gemstones.

For example, some stones, such as pearls and opals, will be discolored or corroded by jewelry cleaner, and opals do not hold up well to water.

Berry said earrings tend to be easily overlooked because they don’t usually get dirty with dirt or dust. But common substances, such as hair products and hairspray, can build up on the earrings, causing the stones to loosen or appear dull.

“The cleaner it is, the shinier and shinier everything is,” Berry said.

Berry suggests individuals have their jewelry professionally checked and steam cleaned at least once every six months.

Berry said it was safe to store most items in jewelry pouches, boxes and safes. Necklaces should not be hung and should instead be laid flat to prevent gravity from stretching the metal.

For sterling silver coins, the silver pouches can be used for storage when not worn.

Berry said the more you wear sterling silver, the less it will tarnish.

“Our body oils keep the oxygen out of it and it’s the oxygen that dulls it, so the more it’s worn, the more our body oils keep it clean and keep the air out of it,” Berry said.


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