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In the age of social media, it seems like everyone has to keep secrets. Maybe that’s why jewelry lockets are having a big moment. From classic gold hearts to bold stripes, they’re available in every style, but it’s what’s inside that’s most creative.

“Medallions have positive energy and help you manifest the things you want,” says Monica Rich Kosann, who is known for arranging personal talismans with images, engravings and symbols, all in a small medallion. While some prefer medallions with love stories, she says more women (and now men) are asking for them with words of empowerment and inspiration.

There are no limits to what is possible with medallions, says Victoria Lampley, founder of The Stax, a jewelry consulting service, which facilitates all kinds of unique requests. A client wanted a piece of jewelery to hold his dog’s ashes and the memory of a loved one. This resulted in a gold medallion made by renna with the words “how do I wonder what you are” on one side, and an engraved portrait of his dog on the reverse with the ashes hidden inside. Lampley owns a collection of medallions, including one Sherman field reversible model in chrysoprase stone and gold. “I wore the stone when I met my husband and legend has it that the stone attracts true love into your life,” she says. It features photos of her and her husband and children and is engraved with a saying her late mother often repeated: “My pride and my joy”. This is a jewel filled with emotion.

In the annals of jewelry, lockets have the most fascinating history, full of juicy tales, innuendo and even death. From medieval medallions that contained poison (remember Lucrezia Borgia, who relied on them to get rid of rivals?) to pendants that hid portraits of lovers or locks of hair, or expressed your political allegiance to an unfavorable ruler , medallions have held treasured secrets for centuries.

Some lockets contained secrets that were only revealed post-mortem: after Queen Elizabeth I died, it was discovered that the ring she never took off contained a hidden locket with a portrait of her mother, the maligned Anne Boleyn who her father had beheaded when Elizabeth was barely two years old.

During the reign of Queen Victoria, the medallion changed from sinister to sentimental. She popularized jewelry as a fashionable accessory to keep loved ones close even after death. She constantly wore a locket that held her beloved husband Albert’s lock of hair, and she commissioned several more lockets containing her children’s portraits and hair, setting the trend for generations to come.

The latest lockets are more fashionable and more fun, but there are still no limits to what you decide to put inside. Here are 19 stylish medallions that you can fill all you want, and I mean all you want.


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