Choosing a jewel: the right piece in the right place


As we endure the glorious August weather, we arrive at prime time for the most romantic honeymoons, proposals and weddings. None of these events are complete, in my opinion, without one crucial element: jewelry.

For such momentous occasions, of course, it can be difficult to find the right piece. While it can be difficult to choose the perfect piece of jewelry, choosing an optimal place to search for one is the first step of the way. For those looking to do just that, here are some great places to get you started.

Your decision depends entirely on your personal preferences. The first step to your special moment is just a short drive away.

Hummingbird jewelers. (Photo by Theo Sassano)

Hummingbird Jewelers

23A East Market Street, Rhinebeck

Hummingbird Jewelers holds the work of 75 jewelers and 44 years of experience behind its name. Owned by gemologist Bruce Lubman, the boutique is committed to maintaining the integrity and high quality of his work. He believes in being transparent with customers and using only ethically sourced recycled gemstones and metals. The process behind the work involves careful thought and planning:

The premises house a workshop of master goldsmith Bruce Anderson, offering quality repairs and bespoke work. Anderson works with clients to bring their ideas to life, whether through wax models or CAD renderings.

Lubman offers its customers a selection of nuggets in accordance with their tastes and budgets. The store also offers piece reassignments, often requested by those who inherit family rings.

“It’s always a rewarding process, as we retain some of the sentimental value of a family piece and pay for a substantial portion of the cost of the new piece with the gem material and precious metal that we cannot use,” explained Lubman.

For those who don’t have a particular vision in mind, the designers at Hummingbird are on top of current jewelry trends. They produce a variety of pre-designed parts.

“We work every day to ensure that we provide a good experience for every customer who walks through the door,” Lubman said. “We tell people anything is possible, and we mean it.”

An exhibition at J Bliss Jewelry. (Photo by Theo Sassano)

J Bliss Studios

4 Deming Street, Woodstock

J Bliss Studios, run by husband and wife Jared and Joanna Bliss, offers a unique and accommodating experience for all guests. “What’s different about our store is that it’s an artist’s studio. I create all of the jewelry that is here, and my husband creates all of the artwork and painted objects,” Joanna Bliss said.

Both have extensive experience in the arts and their dedication shows in their handmade works. Emphasis is placed on the use of ethical materials. The Bliss are proud of their creativity. The pair embraces an array of styles and is ready to meet all ranges of customer demands and price points.

“A lot of what we do here is for people who are looking for an alternative style,” Joanna Bliss explained. “There are a lot fewer people who feel they have to be traditional.”

The store also works with antique stones, offering renovations that better align rooms with a customer’s style. J Bliss Studios is a good option for couples looking to find high-quality jewelry to suit their tastes.

An offer from Cavallo Fine Jewelry.

Cavallo Jewelry

7492 S Broadway, Red Hook

An establishment with decades of experience, Cavallo Fine Jewelry is a great option for people looking for reliable jewelry. The Red Hook boutique is run by two deeply passionate and talented jewelers, John DiGregorio and Connie Ravigo. It offers high quality handmade items, custom designs, and item repairs.

“If you think about it, we can do it. Our forte is making wedding bands and engagement rings,” Ravigo proclaimed.

When shopping for jewelry, many customers are rightly concerned about the expense. “Personalized jewelry is not unaffordable,” Ravigo said. “Most people can have it, and you don’t have to have the same as everyone else.”

Each custom creation can be as simplistic or extravagant as desired. Customers should get their money’s worth. At Cavallo Fine Jewelry, said Ravigo, imagination is the only limit.

Faceted Earth Jewelry. (Photo by Theo Sassano)

Facets of the Earth

22 Broadway, Kingston

Facets of Earth is owned and operated by jeweler Morgan Mikula. Mikula is very accomplished in the jewelry industry, with a fine arts degree in jewelry and metalwork. She demonstrates her craftsmanship in her ethical and elegant works.

The comfortable and well-conditioned atmosphere of the store reflects Mikula’s desire to establish a transparent relationship with customers. “[Our store] is supposed to be open, airy, with low pressure sales,” Mikula explained. “We certainly want to give you time to reflect on the investment you are making.”

Facets of Earth emphasizes adapting to the needs of all clients, which often involves unconventional approaches to jewelry. “We like to make a lot of non-traditional jewelry,” Mikula explained. “Just make it something that can be adapted to your design style.”

Facets of Earth offers a variety of jewelry for people of all circumstances “It’s less about trying to make a sale and more about trying to make something that will be very special to you and your family for generations to come.”


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