Gallagher’s Clothes at Pokesdown is our Trader of the Week


A HUB for new and pre-loved designer gems owned by a quality-conscious man – Gallagher’s Clothing is our Shopkeeper of the Week.

Gallagher’s Clothing in Bournemouth is home to a collection of designer treasures for men, offering clothing and accessories from classic brands such as Vivienne Westwood, Burberry, CP Company, Stone Island and Dsquared.

The boutique was opened in 2015 by 48-year-old Barry Gallagher, a man with a passion for designer clothes and a talent for finding the highest quality clothes.

Barry said: “It’s my passion. That’s what I like to do.

“I was lucky to be supported by my family.”

Gallaghers is regularly stocked with new and used designer items including jackets, trousers, tops, shoes and hats, with all items checked for authenticity.

The business was initially launched from the back of another store based in Bournemouth, where Barry began to build up his stock and customer base.

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He said: “I was there for about nine months and started building things.

“My buddy came over one day and told me there was a place around the corner that you could use for your shop.

“So I moved there and stayed there for about two years. That’s when the shop really took off.

Barry then moved to his third and current location at 819 Christchurch Rd, where he has been for a few years, and enlisted the help of Poole-based artist Trevor Loveys to install vibrant artwork throughout the locals, the residents.

Echo of Bournemouth:

The Christchurch Road store has quickly become a popular stop for all things designer, with a loyal clientele who regularly visit in search of gems.

He said: “I’ve met a lot of guys who come here because they really like clobber.”

Much of the designer items Barry first sold were clothes and accessories that were his own, but he also traded in unique items he had purchased online and at marketplaces.

Barry also recently introduced a music and film section at Gallaghers, which is on the ground floor of the store, and he intends to expand even more.

He said: “I am looking to open another store in London. That’s the point.

To view Barry’s unique collection of designer items, visit Gallagher’s Clothing at 819 Christchurch Rd, Bournemouth, BH7 6AP.


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