How bright is the future of jewelry?


With a drop in Covid cases and an open market for everyone, the jewelry industry is starting to get back on its feet. Looking ahead, the e-commerce market has also started to accelerate, and jewelry sales are stable again. The convenience of buying things online from our home continues to grow, and that also includes expensive purchases. This push to the online platform has also prompted many brands to come up with new and innovative options when it comes to marketing their products.

Generation Y wants to know everything

Brands are also becoming transparent when it comes to selling jewelry now. This is true for millennials who choose products and buy items mindfully. Curious by nature, they want to know everything about the product they are considering buying, the store behind the product and the brand as well. This has encouraged brands to be open with their audience and tell them everything about their products. From considering gold as a form of investment to storing beautiful jewelry and keeping it with you forever, we’ve really come a long way.

Growing disposable income

The jewelry market is also growing on the backbone of Indian consumer’s growing disposable income. Being a country with a rich heritage and festivals, there has also been an increase in jewelry gifts on such occasions. Not only gifts, shopping for ourselves on festive occasions also continues to grow. Various metals like gold and silver are also considered auspicious and are also the symbol of growth and wealth among maximum Indian families. Various modern materials are also used today like white gold, rose gold and platinum in jewelry making by manufacturers and are gaining rapid acceptance in the Indian market, mainly among the working female population of our country. It has also led to the rise of lightweight, everyday wear jewelry. Manufacturers produce lightweight and everyday wearable jewelry in different designs to appeal to consumers in this segment. Various gemstones like ruby ​​and others also play a huge role in changing trends, especially among the elite class and upper middle class. However, gold still holds a good market share and continues to dominate this segment.

The increase in demand for wedding jewelry and traditional jewelry has also motivated manufacturers to use different materials and is also expected to become a big part of the jewelry market. Today’s consumer doesn’t just look at prices. Instead, they are looking for genuine products and pure items. Growing population, launch of creative and stunning designs and various technological innovations will help drive the growth of the jewelry industry.

Growing demand for men’s jewelry

On top of that, we have also seen a growth in men’s jewelry over the years. Men today are also interested in shopping for jewelry for themselves and manufacturers have spared no effort to create beautiful designs for men.

Eye-catching discounts

Over the past two years, we’ve found that rebates and cashback are a great way to attract customers (both old and new). With the advent of e-commerce and online platforms, customers have the opportunity to compare the prices of the product online and opt for the one that seems profitable to them. And discounts are something where retailers and manufacturers will have the upper hand when selling their products.

24*7 service

The digital game is always one step ahead of us. They are always there for us, 24/7 – at our service, showing us the different products we love. In addition to this, there is no pressure on the customers when it comes to purchasing products from online mediums with various payment options to choose from. This is a very recent trend that has started gaining momentum and will soon turn out to be a great deal for everyone.

The road to follow

It’s been a very long time since jewelry brands have undergone such a drastic change. This shift also gives brands and manufacturers a great opportunity to focus on innovation and create pieces that can appeal to today’s modern consumer.


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