Second HardRock Summit Gem And Jewelry Show Sparkles September 8


After invigorating the worlds of gemstones, minerals and high-end jewelry with its dynamic debut in Denver, CO. in 2021, the HardRock Summit show returns to this city from September 8 to 11e 2022. Taking place at the Colorado Convention Center, this year’s HardRock Summit is open to buyers and sellers as well as the general public. Building on the success of last year’s event, where 2,000 trade buyers attended and 3,800 visitors filled the halls, Summit 2022 will feature an exponential number of exhibitors and special showcases that previously. In September, many leading exhibitors from around the world offer high-quality gemstones, as well as rare and high-end jewelry and minerals. As the largest U.S. show of its kind taking place in the fall of 2022, the HardRock Summit represents a timely, highly organized, and easy-to-navigate event for procurement and business ahead of the winter holiday shopping season. According to HardRock Summit co-founders Christoph Keilmann and Wolter Mehring, “We are pleased to report that the number of professional buyers registered this year already exceeds the number of last year.”

One of the most compelling aspects of the HardRock Summit is that it will launch unprecedented special exhibits and education around the theme “Fabulous Treasures”. The treasures in question include the most valuable specimens of natural gold ever found, as well as gold artifacts from two historic sunken ships from the 18th and 19th centuries that carried the largest bounties ever recovered from the seabed.

Although the Hard Rock Summit is an international trade show for connoisseurs of gemstones, minerals and high-end jewelry, free for members of the trade, it is also intended for the public: the public admission fee of $9.00 offer solid value to students and families in addition to gemstones. and jewelry lovers. The HardRock Summit invites the public to visually investigate and discover some of the world’s finest, rarest and most unusual gemstones, minerals and other treasures. (There is a full schedule of educational programs, including lectures recommended for ages 14 and older.) While the HardRock Summit at the Colorado Convention Center and its sister hotels are all located in downtown Denver within walking distance apart from each other, they’re also close to 16th Street – Denver’s popular stretch for restaurants, nightlife, and shopping. Thus, a rental car is not necessary to enjoy a visit to HardRock Summit.

Carefully divided into themed sections, the HardRock Summit is easy to navigate. Evolution, the fair’s extensive minerals and fossils section, is located in the Four Seasons Ballroom and has 125 exhibitors. The spectacular Radiance & Joy features 215 exhibitors of fine jewelry and gemstones in the Mile High Ballroom. With 40 exhibitors, the Denver Gem and Mineral Show, which has existed for nearly 50 years, is located in 200 meeting rooms.

The second edition of the HardRock Summit allows visitors to immerse themselves in vivid atmospheres of earthly beauty, earth energies and the organic power of many natural treasures. (Both Evolution and Radiance & Joy are open to trade professionals as well as the general public.) As Keilmann and Mehring report, “Under one roof, the HardRock Summit will feature several key areas for attendees to explore and learn about exhibitors. exhibit include Evolution for the supply of various high-end minerals and meteorites, as well as Radiance & Joy for fine jewelry and gemstones in cooperation with leading industry associations such as AGTA GemFair Denver, International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA) and Brazil’s IBGM. Equally important, HardRock Summit 2022 is home to the Denver Gem & Minerals Show, which showcases a wide range of jewelry, gemstones, minerals, metaphysical products, and educational presentations. This show within the HardRock Summit also features live gem cutting demonstrations, a fluorescent gem room to explore, and an adventure zone where visitors can pan for gold. (Anyone who pans can get a golden souvenir.) As the two co-founders note, “An exciting draw for attendees is access to exclusive special exhibits and expert-led educational seminars throughout along the living room.”

For example, one of the most intriguing special exhibits at the HardRock Summit is the historic and never-before-seen array of more than 60 gold and gemstone rings from the California Gold Rush era, gold nugget pins gold and gilt quartz cufflinks that were salvaged from the infamous 1857 sinking of the SS Central America. The ill-fated ship sank 7,200 feet deep in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of North Carolina during a hurricane on September 12, 1857. Traveling from Panama to New York carrying tons of coins, of gold bullion and dust from the California Gold Rush of San Francisco and Northern California, Central America is one of the most tragic and costly shipwrecks in history. While the tragedy claimed the lives of 425 of the ship’s 578 passengers and crew, the loss of the gold cargo played a decisive role in the economically devastating financial panic of the United States in 1857.

“Historically significant creations from the Gold Rush era will be on display for the first time in Denver at the HardRock Summit,” said Fred Holabird, President of Holabird Western Americana Collections, LLC., which is based in Reno, Nevada. One of the significant items recovered is a large 18-karat gold quartz-engraved brooch that prominent San Francisco businessman Samuel Brannan sent to his son in Geneva, Switzerland, as a gift to the teacher of his son. There is also a salvaged REGARD ring created with a ruby ​​(missing), an emerald, a garnet, an amethyst, a ruby ​​and a diamond. (Artifacts recovered from Central America will be offered for public auction in October and November by Holabird Western Americana Collections.)

The recovery of the Central American treasures took place in several stages between 1988 and 1991 and again in 2014. Although thousands of gold coins recovered and hundreds of gold bars were sold since 2000, the objects presented at the HardRock Summit have been preserved. storage in Maryland, Massachusetts and Ohio until a court-approved settlement is reached, ending a decades-long ownership dispute.

Ultimately, the smart timing, educational opportunities, and gathering of illustrious gemstone, mineral, and jewelry retailers make the HardRock Summit an important show for the gemstone and jewelry industries, as well as the general public. . The once-in-a-lifetime special exhibits featuring fine, world-renowned specimens further differentiate the HardRock Summit from other shows of its kind by giving it rare historical, cultural and experiential value.


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