The Jim Henson Classic You Didn’t Know Spawned into a Clothing Line


The film that created a whole high-end fashion line is the dark fantasy film “The Dark Crystal”. The movie didn’t do well financially originally, only grossing $40 million from its entire theatrical run (via Numbers), but it’s now considered a classic among Jim Henson’s work, even spawning a short-lived prequel series on Netflix in 2019. As co-creator Frank Oz put it SFGate of the original in June 2007, “There was only one review that was great and that was Variety, and then after that the reviews were just mediocre. But Jim did what he thought was He only did what he thought was right in his heart.” The film currently holds 79% on rotten tomatoes.

Released in 1982, “The Dark Crystal” is incredibly effective at world-building with its fantastical creatures and designs, and as such was perfect for a high-end clothing line. According to, the famed puppeteer was so impressed with his team’s work on the film that he had 40 pieces of clothing created, with price tags ranging from $500 to $1,800, and they were released exclusively in four premium outlets in the US and UK. . The whole, which vogue introduced in 1982, contained daywear, sleepwear, hats and jewelry that took character and location color schemes.

Henson’s website preserved a press release for the clothing line from the time, which stated that Henson’s purpose for creating the line was “a desire to see the beauty of film translated into another creative medium. ; and, to recognize the strong influence the movie has always had on fashion.” Unfortunately, they also revealed that the clothing line didn’t sell very well, although most of the design team continued to help Jim Henson’s next dark fantasy film, “Labyrinth”, where their influence is keenly felt.


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