This is exactly how much clothing allowance MAFS applicants received


We are 35 episodes into Season 9 of MAFS. When you think of it in terms of outfits, that’s a lot of clothes that the participants paraded for Australia to see.

But, apparently, the stars don’t get much compensation to cover the clothes they wear on the show. Liam Cooper, who was on MAFS in 2019, told so dramatic podcast that participants were only given a budget of $150 and had to pay for all of their own clothing for the rest of the season, including their hair and makeup.

Additionally, Cooper told the podcast that he was even told what color he should wear for the final vows ceremony.

“I wish they’d give us a clothes rack and let us go to town,” Cooper said. “They kind of told you what colors to wear. All this time, I’ve always wanted to wear a navy blue suit. I thrive in this color. They were like, ‘nup, you can’t wear it! You can’t wear it’ They wanted me to wear a cream white suit.

The podcast also posed the same question to Bec Zemek, who appeared on the show last year. Zemek received a slightly higher budget than Cooper.

“It’s $500 for the wedding and $200 for the final vows,” Beck revealed to So dramatic! exclusively.

“Most people gave away dresses for free or for just $500 because they knew it would be on TV. Mine was a $3,000 dress,” she said.

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Bec then dropped a major bombshell, sharing that she made a deal with the producers to get “everything she wanted” when it came to clothes, so she agreed to stay on for perpetual vows.

“Because it was the deal for me to stay for final vows.”

While most participants’ clothing budgets are close to zero, it’s been widely reported that they receive $150 a day in compensation for attending the show.

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